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ANY DI Purse: How to Buy and Wear this Classic Clutch Bag

A luxurious designer purse is one of the first important steps to obtaining great style.

In fact, a women’s petite designer leather clutch is a great companion to the other purses or handbags that you carry every day.

Because this small purse is roomy enough to carry your phone and makeup bag, this chic and simple Any Di bag is the perfect addition to your busy and fashionable lifestyle.

ANY DI Purse Features:

  • A premium leather exterior.
  • A sassy and luxe combination of comfort and high-end fashion.
  • You can wear it as a clutch, shoulder bag or slung around your hips.
  • Two genuine gold-plated fashion chain straps with shoulder padding
  • Twelve inner card slots for your credit cards, reward cards, and your ID.
  • Mid zipper pocket perfect for small coins and two sections for notes
  • Two lockable buttons for easy opening and closing
  • Dimension: Height 19cm – Width 10cm – Depth 2.5cm

What to Look For When Buying WalletKing's ANY DI purse:

  • Look for roominess and capacity. The best women’s clutch purses have enough space for your phone, lipstick and a small coin purse.
  • Be fussy about fit. Before purchasing your Any DI from Walletking, ensure that when it is filled with your valuable items, that it will not be too heavy to sling over your shoulder or wear across your body.
  • Examine the seams. The seams of a designer clutch purse will be straight on the outside and inside of the bag. Avoid any bag with seams that are crooked or have frayed strings hanging from the outside of the seams.
  • Know your Any DI bag fabrics. An expensive clutch will have excellent leather materials that are smooth to the touch. Like a fake designer handbag, a cheap purse will be made of reconstituted leather or pleather materials that will show signs of wear and tear after a few wearings.
  • Test the zippers and linings. A fine leather women’s clutch will have YKK zippers that open and close easily. The linings of the messenger bag will also be made of a quality fabric like cotton, suede or voile.

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